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What is e-commerce?

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

In Hebrew, e-commerce is the trading and execution of commercial transactions electronically via the internet. E-commerce describes a wide range of online activities, but mainly focuses on buying and selling products and services.

With the development of the internet, a great boost was given to the utilization of this model. With the help of dedicated websites, it is now possible to purchase products and services automatically via the internet, without the need to introduce the seller to the buyer.

Just as in the real world one has to look for a good location with a lot of traffic when opening a store, so too is the case in the virtual world.

There are many shops on the internet, which are "e-commerce arenas". What is an e-commerce arena? It is a kind of online market - suppliers who offer their products in one place.

Wouldn't you like to offer your products in all the most attractive places in the mall? And if so, wouldn't you like to be in all the stores and all the malls in the country? This is the power of e-commerce.

The internet revolution has turned the world into one big global village, today anyone can sell any product from anywhere in the world. Websites (such as eBay, Amazon, Groupon, AliExpress, and more...) make the world a single business arena and through them, you can reach as many potential customers as possible and maximize online sales.

These websites spend millions a year to reach different customers who are in different places, and thus enjoy high customer traffic, and make the difference just like a store that was just opened in the heart of a bustling mall versus a store that is opened in a remote corner of the city.

Beyond the desire to sell as much as possible and wherever possible, there is also the desire to promote our products and brands everywhere.

With the power of e-Commerce, you have the option to produce brand awareness and attract organic traffic. After all, there is no better place today than the internet to create awareness and sweep public opinion.

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