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Coronavirus effect: empty shopping centers, canceled sales fairs - a sharp rise in online sales

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Just like every year, importers and manufacturers prepared themselves for Passover for months and held a large stock of products for sales events during the holiday. Who would have thought that instead of a shopping bonanza we would end up with deserted malls, empty shops, and canceled exhibitions and fairs? For example, just a few days ago, a "Hever" fair was canceled, which takes place during Passover and attracts a massive crowd of people. On the other hand, websites have been reporting an increase in sales in recent days due to coronavirus. lately reported, for example, that Shufersal's online store crashed due to congestion several times.

The main reason? fear of crowded places and the fear of infection, caused customers to switch to buying online from the safety of home. Another reason is the fear of a shortage of consumer goods and products in general due to a delay in the entry of goods into Israel from foreign countries and especially from the East. In addition, a dramatic decrease in the turnover of purchases on Chinese websites, and especially in Ali-Express, lead Israelis to purchase from websites within Israel.

Therefore, we need to think of solutions and adapt ourselves to the situation.

Here are 3 main tips for a supplier who wants to advertise their products quickly and across as many online websites as possible:

1. Start advertising promotions on Israeli e-commerce websites, which invest a lot of money in marketing to reach as many customers as possible.

2. Use a uniform interface that centralizes all your published products and orders from a variety of e-commerce websites simultaneously, integrate the data automatically to your suppliers' back-office systems - inventory management, warehouse, and shipping companies.

3. In the last step, and after the first two steps have been completed, the supplier will be able to analyze the results and understand which products are in increased demand.

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