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ADMONIS was developed specifically for the needs of managing and consolidating different orders coming from multiple online sales channels.

How Does it Work?

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We turn dreams into reality

A goal-oriented system with ONE cloud control center 

Using ADMONIS control center, you can advertise products, create promotions, update various data (orders, inventory, prices, etc.) across multiple e-commerce websites. Use it for your own online store, or with external marketplaces (like Walla shops, Groo, Ynet Shops, and many more). The system enables you to handle all your online activity simultaneously. Including full synchronization between your business operations (inventory/ warehouse/ accounting/ distribution and more). ADMONIS goal is to create a uniform, easy and simple way of selling online while your business works seamlessly with a variety of different interfaces, whatever the complexity may be.

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So What Can You Accomplish With Us?

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Advertise your products on a variety of e-commerce sites

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Synchronize & update your inventory/shipping lists/invoicing systems

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Handle incoming orders simultaneously in one dashboard

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Produce graphs, reports and sales analysis

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Produce shipping stickers automatically

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Take control over your entire online sales process.








How Does it Work Exactly?

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Choose the e-commerce marketplaces where you want your products to appear

Send your products to dozens of websites with the click of a button

Synchronize your orders, inventory data, and pricing directly to your own business systems (inventory, ERP, distribution, fullfilment, and more)

View real-time sales reports in various segments from anywhere in the world using our cloud control center

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Handle all incoming orders together on one single dashboard

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Indicate which products from your catalog you would like to advertise

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